1. 'The Midnight Bandit' (2014), Stellar Leuna

    A young female bandit on the run from authority. 

  2. 'The Witching Hour' (2014), Stellar Leuna

    The term ‘witching hour’ refers to the time of day (being midnight) where creatures such as demons, ghosts and witches are thought to be at their most powerful and when black magic is believed to be most effective. Women were thought to be witches if caught out after midnight without a legitimate reason to do so. 

  3. THE PENNY DREADFULS (2014), Stellar leuna

    Teenage girl gang The Penny Dreadfuls, hanging out on a rooftop after midnight. 


  4. tattooclifford asked: Would you mind if somebody used one of your drawings as icon? I just want your permission beforehand. Amazing work you have :) Thank you for your time x

    Hi! You’re welcome to post my work anywhere, just credit me where you can :) thanks for asking.


  5. New work

    I’ve been working on some new pieces that have yet to be uploaded to my blog, I just haven’t had the time to scan them up because I’ve been busy.

    I should be able to find the time to do that in the next two weeks so expect some posts.

    Thanks a lot to everyone for this overwhelming and unexpected attention, and all the lovely messages I’m getting, It’s more encouraging than anything to hear other people’s thoughts! 

    I’ve also got some exciting things happening in May this year which I am going to start working on soon.

    In the meantime, I do post works in progress and mini versions of completed work over on my instagram, so please follow me! 



  6. marshabronsen asked: holy hell, i love your drawings. your blog is really inspiring!

    Thank you so much :)

  7. MAGGIE’S COMICS, 2014

    Rhiannon and one of her only close friends buying comics at Maggie’s.

    This piece was inspired by a little panel from Daniel Clowes’ ‘David Boring’. The panel featured David and a woman walking down the street, passing a shop front that looks very similar to the one I’ve drawn. I just really liked the shop front so I wanted to create something similar. 

    I’ve also thrown in a bunch of other references to my favourite comics and cartoons in here. If you can spot them you must be into the same stuff. ha.

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  8. shunkangirl asked: I am very much in love with your work!! I would love to one day get one of your drawings tattooed... maybe a mix of two... I hope you wouldn't mind!! :- )

    If you ever do, just remember to send me photos.


  9. syncing--ships asked: Holy crap I'm in love with your style! So punk. IMHO I think it look awesome on skin, has anybody ever asked you to design a tattoo or a flash sheet?

    Hi! Thank you so much, but no i haven’t yet although it’s definitely something I have considered doing :)


  10. hex-girlfriend asked: this is all so great wow

    thank you so much :)


  11. katkon asked: Wow I love your work!!!

    Thank you, it’s always nice hearing from other illustrators! :)

  12. Portrait of Rhiannon


    Rhiannon’s kind of this character I created that occasionally features in my work.

    I can’t really describe what she represents but I guess she’s the cool new girl in the neighbourhood with not many friends but she’s okay with that because she goes to the comic book store and is a demon and has powers and all that. 

  13. LITTLE HORN's going to release their EP digitally soon, but they just uploaded two of their songs on bandcamp!

    For fans of: Dinosaur Jr, Wavves, Husker du, Swervedriver

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  14. scapefromthecty asked: You are incredible at what you do! Have an awesome day

    thank you so much! I really, really appreciate it. :)


  15. Respect for artists on tumblr

    It is very annoying when you want to find the source or the artist of an artwork you see on tumblr but the name and credits have been removed after a number of reblogs. I have never understood why people remove credits when they reblog an image because wouldn’t you want to find out more about the artist and see other works that they have done?

    One thing I would like to see change on tumblr is if people stopped doing that. When you remove the source of an image it becomes just another anonymous image doing its rounds on tumblr.

    I’ve started getting a lot of people reblog my work and remove my name and title, and I don’t know why. Do you want to claim ownership or do you just do it so your own blog looks more consistent and neat? Either way it’s upsetting to every artist to see this happen, even though it’s practically inevitable.

    I appreciate that people like what I do, but in the future please leave all images as they are, credits and descriptions and all, if you really do respect artists and their work.

    Almost everyday when I’m scrolling through my dashboard I come across an image that has no source. The artist put a lot of work into creating that image, its frustrating to not be able to explore more of what they do.