'There's Something Wrong With Stacey' by STELLAR LEUNA
I did a little interview with ART WHORE recently in which I talk about my childhood and my favourite artists. 
Read it here!

rascalthecat asked: "hey ur awesome"


realtrozo asked: "Your art is fokin awesome!! Do you have something that includes guns, heart breaking, undies? all of the above would be cool."

Thanks! I dont like guns so ill probably never draw them. However i do have work related to heartbreak (see ‘Dear Sandy’)!

Never would I have imagined that in a few months of creating the ‘Girls to the Front’ piece, it would be used on a tote bag for a charity festival of the same name.
I’m so happy with how they turned out and even more happy that I am able to help the GTTF girls raise money to help women in need.
These are available tomorrow at GTTF FEST for $25, all profits after costs are donated to SOS Women’s Services. 
Totally worth it!
Get tickets tonight because there are super limited door tickets tomorrow. Don’t miss out on this amazing event put together by some inspiring young women.
Halloween as well as my birthday is coming soon and to celebrate I am going to be doing a special Halloween sale on all zine + shirt orders next week after GTTF Fest to sell any remaining stock before I leave for America.
Keep an eye out for a post next week once the sale is launched!
(Image: ‘Something Wicked’ by stellar Leuna)
'Girls To The Front' by STELLAR LEUNA
One of my illustrations are going to be printed on the official Grrrls To The Front Fest tote bag which will be available at the fest this saturday the 18th of October.
There are only 40 available so if you wanted a cute tote and to support the SOS Women’s Services, you should probably grab one for yourself on the day!
All profits from tickets and merch will be donated to SOS. 
Get your tickets here.

thefebruaries asked: "Went to geppettos last night at kind of. Your work up close is so great i must say!"

Thanks a lot for coming!

itsmezeldazen asked: "I draw as well and I mostly use Sharpie for coloring in and line work. I was just wondering what you prefer? Your work is so clean. Have a great day!"

I prefer brushes and little pots of ink :)

druggedtina asked: "I'm sorry if I was being confusing. I saw that you do have shirts in your store but they only got to size XL. I was wondering if you'll ever print any 2XL shirts because I would totally buy one!"

Ohh yeah im sorry! I unfortunately wont be printing more of this particular shirt. I will definitely be making more shirts of new prints in the future though! and I will consider printing them in 2XL. i wish i could do them in all sizes but most of my orders are in the S/M/L range so i tend to only stock in those.


I was born on Halloween, not sure if you guys figured that out yet, and to celebrate I will be going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal studios while I’m in LA, I’m getting my second tattoo ever done by the amazing Heather Bailey in SF, I’m gonna cry grungy tears in Seattle, I’m gonna eat Voodoo doughnuts when I go to Portland and I’m gonna stuff my face with deli cheeseburgers at 3am again when I’m in NY.

But besides all of this does anyone have any recommendations for places I should go, awesome comic book stores I should visit or amazing food I should eat? I’ve got a pretty great itinerary planned so far and I’m pretty sure I’ll gain like 10 kg while I’m there but more things to do (and less to eat unless you can’t get it anywhere else in the world) would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll be there from 26th Oct to 16th Nov. 

For those who wanted to purchase from my store and found that the link in my profile wasn’t working, this is a working link!

My piece for ‘Geppetto’s House’ group show at Kind Of Gallery.
The exhibition opens Thursday 9th of October at 6pm running till Sunday 26th October 6pm.40% of the proceeds from artwork sales will be going to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, in order to support their campaign against whaling. The AMCS is a key player in protecting and preserving the wildlife and marine parks in Australian waters.
T-shirt/poster illustration I did a couple of weeks ago for Perth/Melbourne indie-electronic band Voltaire Twins.

bowieology asked: "are you sure you're not charles burns' daughter?"

Maybe in a past life~~